and GeoJunxion Partner and GeoJunxion [AS] have partnered to provide a mapping solution for routing deliveries in Low Emission Zone (LEZ) areas in Europe.  The companies say that delivery companies pay hundreds of thousands of euros per year in penalties and fees for delivering goods in or driving non-conforming vehicles through LEZ.

The two location-tech companies say they will deliver the first logistics optimization and routing platform tailored to the European LEZ to logistics software developers.  However, the companies also say that the co-branded solutions is only available for LEZ-compliant vehicles. and Geojunction are partnering (Image:

For LEZ-focused routing and optimization APIs, is providing both the optimizer to assign adequate orders to vehicles that meet the LEZ emissions standard and the Road Editor tool to prevent vehicles that fail to meet the standard from entering the zone, the company said.’s Navigation SDK and app use custom features to provide turn-by-turn guidance to drivers, the company said.  For its part, GeoJunxion said it is using its existing database of over 2,500 Low Emission Zones and Restricted Traffic Areas.

Contact:  GeoJunxion, 31 (0)10 885 1200,


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