OneNav Smokes Leading Android Smartwatch in Tests

OneNav said it averaged six times better accuracy than “a leading Android smartwatch” in recent side-by-side test results that compared its pureL5 GNSS receiver customer evaluation system.

The company said it used only GNSS measurements in the tests, which were conducted in a “challenging urban environment,” while the smartwatch was augmented by inertial systems.  Both the oneNav unit and the smartwatch used commercial antennas during the testing.

OneNav says the wearables and tracking device markets is exploding (Image: oneNav).

“As we continue to fine-tune the pureL5 system, we’re excited to see the current version perform so well against a leading smartwatch in a challenging real world environment,” said  Steve Poizner, oneNav co-founder and CEO. “Ongoing tuning of our machine learning algorithms will improve our performance even further.”

Overall, the pureL5 reported 8-meter accuracy—compared to the smartwatch’s 29-meter score.  The accuracy led Poizner to say that the L5 signal is more accurate and reliable than L1 as it has wider bandwidth and better power.


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