Waze Makes Six Key Updates

Waze this week added several new features that allow users to navigate roundabouts, avoid curves and other hazards and even find parking.  The Google-owned GOOG 0.00%↑ company used insights from local Waze drivers, city partners and other community members to make map updates.

One of the unique features is allowing Waze users to navigate around tricky roundabouts.  The new feature shows a driver when to enter a roundabout—and what correct exit to take.  The feature will be available to Android users this month and iOS users later this year, the company said.

Waze’s new feature let’s you navigate roundabouts (Image: Waze).

Another feature alerts drivers in advance when an emergency vehicle are stopped along a route.  This allows a user to adjust speed or change routes.  The update is available now in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and France on both Android and iOS, with more countries being added soon, the company said.

Waze said that while it already gives users alerts on potholes, railroad crossings and bad weather, it now gives drivers early warnings about sharp curves, speed bumps and toll booths.

Finally, with partner Flash, Waze is offering more information about parking garages.  This includes if it is covered, wheelchair accessible, has valet options and whether it has EV charging stations.  The parking information will roll out in the next few weeks on both Android and iOS for 30,000 parking garages in the U.S. and Canada.

Other new Waze features include:

  • Allowing drivers to see more information on their regular routes, including live traffic updates and delays.
  • A new feature that updates speed limits worldwide.  Drivers start to see alerts to allow them to decrease speed along a route.


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