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GMV To Lead ESA’s Leo PNT End-To-End In-Orbit Demonstrator Mission

As Location Business News reported last weekGMV will lead a consortium of companies to develop low-Earth orbit (LEO) for PNT by launching a 5-satellite constellation.  GMV will be responsible for the complete end-to-end space mission and will lead a team that includes OHB System AGAlén SpaceBeyond Gravity and Indra.

ESA has awarded a 78.4 million euro contract to GMV for LEO satellites that test key PNT technologies (Photo: GMV). 

The project will open up a new way of using low orbit satellites in key markets and applications, GMV said.  The contract’s provisions include design and development of satellites and payloads, procurement of launch services, provision of a Ground-Segment-as-a-Service (GSaaS), a test user receiver, system operations and experimentation and demonstration of LEO-PNT services with end users.

Contact:  GMVmarketing@gmv.com.

InfiniDome Expands US Operations

InfiniDome has established infiniDome USA, a new subsidiary that will focus on the U.S. defense industry and market, which the company says is expanding.  By establishing infiniDome USA, the company aims to strengthen its relationships with U.S. customers, “offering more localized support and ensuring that its GPS protection technologies meet the specific needs and challenges faced by American aerospace and defense sectors,” the company said.

Contact:  infiniDomeben@infinidome.com, www.infinidome.com.

ProStar Integrates Tech With Topcon

ProStar Holdings has announced a technology integration with Topcon that places ProStar’s utility mapping software, PointMan, into Topcon’s fixed and portable GNSS antennas. The technology integration provides Topcon users with a utility data collection solution to capture, record, and display the precise location of critical underground infrastructure, the company said.  The technology integration of PointMan with Topcon GNSS receivers means that PointMan now supports Topcon Hiper VR highly versatile GNSS receivers for mobile devices, the company said.

Contact:  Joel Sutherland, ProStar, (970) 822-4792, www.prostarcorp.com.

Quectel Rolls Out 5G, GNSS Antennas

Quectel Wireless Solutions has launched  YEMN016AA and YEMN017AA 5G 5-in-1 combination antennas, the YECN001J1A and YECT000WBA external 5G antennas and the YEGB000Q1A and YEGN000Q1A active GNSS L1 and L5 antennas.

Quectel’s YEMNO16AA 5G and GNSS antenna (Image: Quectel).

The YEMN016AA is a 5G and GNSS 5-in-1 antenna measuring 204.4mm x 86.7mm x 32mm.  This ultra-wide-band 5G/4G antenna provides broad coverage from 600–6,000MHz whilst offering backward-compatibility to support 3G and 2G networks as well as LTE Cat-M and narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), the company said.

Contact:  Quectel Wireless Solutions, media@ quectel.com, www.quectel.com.

Semtech Partners With Skylo

Semtech SMTC -1.86%↓ has partnered with Skylo to integrate Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN)  capabilities into its HL series modules.  The integration includes its HL series LPWA modules, specifically the HL7810 and HL7812.  The software updates give customers the option to connect using NB-IoT over a satellite network, the company said.  This allows such use cases as container tracking, where maintaining continuous coverage is a challenge due to the limitations of traditional cellular networks, the company said.

Contact:  Regina Pareigis, Semtech, rpareigis@semtech.com.

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Globalsat Group and Myriota Sign Agreement

Satellite asset tracking and telemetry company Myriota has signed a distribution agreement with Globalsat Group.  As part of the deal, Globalsat Group will be integrating Myriota’s services and hardware into its offerings.  Myriota’s global messaging services is featured in the agriculture, transport/logistics, utilities, mining and environmental sensing industries.

Contact:  Globalsat Groupwww.globalsat.com.

Pasternack Launches Military-Grade Antennas

Pasternack has rolled out a line of military-grade antennas.  These military-grade devices include ruggedized GPS, manpack omni and vehicle omni antennas.

Pasternack’s new military-grade antennas comply with MIL-STD-810 and TAA regulations (Image: Pasternack).

Use cases include vehicle navigation, personnel communications, vehicle communications and electronic warfare scenarios, including jamming capabilities.

Contact:  Peter McNeil, Pasternack, (978) 682-6936, www.infiniteelectronics.com.

Elevāt and Superior Announce Telematics Partnership

IoT and telematics company Elevāt and Superior Broom have partnered to integrate Elevāt’s Machine Connect and EZ into Superior Broom’s fleet for the construction and maintenance industries.  Elevāt’s telematics products include enhanced fleet management for real-time tracking and monitoring of equipment for optimized deployment, the company said.  In addition, the telematics product offers data-driven insights, the company said.

Contact:  Elevātwww.elevat-iot.com.

New Report Says 9 Million Europeans Using Medical Alert Solutions

Berg Insight says 9.0 million people in Europe and 5.2 million people in North America were using telecare or medical alert solutions at the end of 2023.  The figures include users of both in-home and mobile systems.  “These systems provide continuous in-home or completely mobile monitoring services and can consist of a range of electronic devices such as personal alarm buttons, motion detection sensors, GPS monitors or fitness devices,” the report says.

Contact:  Johan Fagerberg, Berg Insight, 46 31 711 30 91, johan.fagerberg@berginsight.com.


  • Tim Newberg, formerly an executive with Digital Matter, has been named vice president, strategic business development at Link Labs.
  • Blue Origin appointed Nick Johnson as director of corporate development.
  • Elektrobit announced the appointment of Manoj Karwa as chief revenue officer, Americas.
  • NASA named Leslie Livesay as deputy director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.
  • HawkEye 360 named Jamal Ware vice president of government affairs and public policy.


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