Xona Broadcasts Demo PNT Signals from LEO

Xona Space Systems said its on-orbit position, navigation, and timing demonstration satellite mission, Huginn, has successfully transmitted precision LEO PNT signals from space to ground.  The satellite was launched one year ago as the first-ever, commercially funded LEO PNT mission.

Other accomplishments include a validation of the company’s ability to provide centimeter-level positioning using its satellite hardware and software stack.  In addition, the demonstration showed the ability to use commercial-off-the-shelf components, the company said.

Xona also certified Spirent’s SimXona satellite constellation simulator.  Xona’s Bryan Chan, co-founder and vice president of business development, said that live-sky testing is only available for a few minutes per day, which makes the simulator vital for developers and integrators.  Spirent will officially launch SimXona at the ION Joint Navigation Conference, June 12-15 in San Diego.

Contact:  Jaime Jaramillo, Xona Space Systems, jaime@xonaspace.com, www.xonaspace.com.


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