Everfield’s Acquisition of Visioglobe Fits Company Strategy

Although announced in late October, Everfield’s purchase of French navigation provider Visioglobe fits well with the company’s acquisition strategy, which focuses on vertical market software solutions, a company executive said.

The company has a leading position in the highly specialized Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, or IPIN market, with customers in the Americas, Europe, APAC and Middle East, said Thomas Savinel, Everfield’s acquisitions manager for France.  “The solution could be beneficial to other companies in our portfolio, selling to vertical markets, such as higher education, hospitals, airports and enterprise-size companies looking for indoor mapping solutions for their offices,” he said.

Everfield’s purchase of Visioglobe makes it a major IPIN market player (Photo: Visioglobe).

Savinel said that Everfield wants to build on Visioglobe’s position in the mapping market and is not going to cut the acquired company’s management team.  Financial details were not disclosed.

Visioglobe has integrated its indoor mapping technology at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) as a navigation tool to allow travelers to reach their gates, amenities and other points of interests (POIs). The deal’s financial details were not disclosed.  KLIA, which one of Asia’s largest airports and Malaysia Airlines’ hub, uses the mapping technology in their app.  Some of the features include gate information, restrooms, check-in counters, restaurants and shops.


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