Trimble Ventures Invests in Sabanto

Trimble‘s TRMB 1.24%↑ venture capital fund, Trimble Ventures, has announced an investment in Chicago-based Sabanto, agricultural technology company that offers Farming as a Service (FaaS).  While Trimble Ventures didn’t disclose its investment amount, it is part of a $17 million Series A funding round led by Fulcrum Global Capital, with participation from DCVC BioHico CapitalYara Growth VenturesCavallo Ventures and Johnsonville Ventures

Sabanto provides FaaS through multiple smaller tractors equipped with its autonomous technology for in-field operations.  Sabanto, which operates in several Midwestern states, has a fleet of smaller 60 and 90 HP tractors to autonomously till, plant, seed, weed, apply and mow, the company said.

Sabanto Autonomous Machine (Photo: Sabanto).

“Sabanto is an ag technology pioneer offering autonomous tractors and services for row crops that can increase efficiency and maximize profitability for farmers,” said Phil Sawarynski, Trimble Ventures managing director and co-head, in a statement.

Sabanto, which has planted more than 750 acres of corn and soybeans with a 60 HP tractor, plans to increase its service to more farmers nationwide with the new investment.  “We’ve assembled a team of ag-experienced engineers and scientists, working alongside farmers, proving this isn’t just a thought exercise,” said Craig Rupp, Sabanto founder and CEO, in a statement.

Contact:  Trimble


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