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Point One Navigation Announces Polaris Location Services in South Korea

Point One Navigation has announced that their Polaris real-time kinematic (RTK) location network is now available in South Korea. The network is available to deliver centimeter-accurate location services to businesses and application developers, the company said.

Point One’s Polaris network now available in South Korea (Image: Point One).

The Polaris network supports all major GNSS constellations and has an extremely dense global network of base stations that cover the United States, Europe, New Zealand, S. Korea, and parts of Canada, Australia, the company said.  The Polaris network, with FusionEngine software, delivers location services for autonomy and robotics applications.

Contact:  Point One Navigationhttps://pointonenav.com/polaris.

UK Sovereign Satellite Navigation Overlay Successfully Demonstrated

Viasat $VSAT has demonstrated a United Kingdom satellite-based augmentation system for the first time to show what accurate GPS data can do to maximize safety and efficiency, the company said.  The test flight, flown from Cranfield Airport using the National Flying Laboratory Centre’s Saab 340B aircraft, showcased a UK-based SBAS that delivers more precise, reliable navigation data.

Onboard display showing the UK Satellite Based Augmentation System in action (Photo: Viasat).

The UK is no longer part of the EU’s European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), following its exit from the European Union. While EGNOS can still be used for non-safety applications in the UK, the trial aims to provide a first step toward a complementary UK SBAS.

Contact:  Viasat, www.viasat.com.

U-blox, Nordian Bring PointPerfect to Brazil

Thalwil, Switzerland-based u-blox [UBXN] has partnered with Nordian to bring the PointPerfect GNSS correction service to Brazil.  U-blox and Nordian will go after markets like high-precision agriculture, service robots, machinery automation, micro-mobility, lane-accurate navigation and telematics.

U-blox and Nordian bring the PointPerfect GNSS correction service to Brazil (Image: u-blox).

Bringing PointPerfect, which delivers centimeter-level accuracy, in Brazil allows u-blox to expand into the potentially lucrative South America market.  PointPerfect’s recently announced Localized Distribution feature uses 90 percent less data than typical network RTK services, the company said.

Contact:  Nordianmedia@nordian.comwww.nordian.com.

Maplink Launches Maplink CO2 API in LATAM and Europe

São Paulobased Maplink has introduced the Maplink CO2 API to help businesses calculate the carbon emissions of their vehicles on specific routes, while also providing information about fuel consumption, the company said.  Maplink CO2 API, launched for the logistics industry in Latin America and Europe, is part of the Maplink Platform.  The company believes that there is a need for the solution as CO2 emissions accounted for 8 percent of global emissions in the EU.

Contact:  Frederico Hohagen, Maplink, fred@maplink.global.

RoboSense’s M Platform Sensors Power Lotus EMEYA

RoboSense has announced that the new Lotus Emeya will be equipped with its M Platform lidar sensors.  Lotus also deployed M Platform sensors on the Eletre, the company’s first electric-Hyper SUV, unveiled in March 2022, the company said.

RoboSense’s M Platform on new Lotus Emeya (Image: RoboSense).

The M Platform sensors were developed for advanced driver assistance applications and autonomy, the company said.  They feature high-resolution 3D data to detect roadway objects at up to 200 meters in low-light and nighttime lighting conditions, the company said.

Contact: Cheyenne Wilder, for RoboSense, (929) 505-3130, cwilder@codewordagency.com.

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CNH Offers Smart Farming With MyPLM Connect Telematics Solution

CNH CNHI 0.93%↑ brand New Holland has integrated its MyPLM Connect telematics solution into its TT and TT4 tractors.  The company said that MyPLM Connect allows farmers to make informed decisions, maximize machine performance and boost productivity.

New Holland Agriculture’s TT and TT4 series now feature MyPLM Connect telematics solution (Photo: CNH).

With the telematics solution, New Holland users can track and manage the performance, work status, speed, fuel usage and precise location of their tractors and other connected equipment, the company said.

Contact:  CNH Industrialinfo@3blmedia.com, www.cnhindustrial.com.

PeopleToMySpot Provides SMB Marketers With Location Analytics

DOmedia and Placer.ai launched PeopleToMySpot.com, a website designed to help local marketers and business owners understand and impact foot-traffic patterns near brick-and-mortar locations.  PeopleToMySpot allows local businesses to access data from Placer’s Foot Traffic Widget for any zip-code’s foot-traffic patterns and available ad inventory, the company said.

Example foot traffic report from PeopleToMySpot (Image: PeopleToMySpot).

DOmedia created PeopleToMySpot because they believe access to foot-traffic data will increase local marketers’ demand for out-of-home (OOH) ads, such as billboards, the company said.

Contact:  Sydney Deibert, DOmedia, (614) 214-6799, sydney.deibert@domedia.comwww.peopletomyspot.comPlacer.ai, https://placer.ai.

Geotab GO9 Device Type-Approved by TCA

Geotab has announced that its GO9-LTM telematics device, the GO9-LTMTLS and GO9-LTMTENO, has been type-approved by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) as a Level 2 assurance device under the National Telematics Framework.  TCA’s type-approval means that the GO9-LTM telematics device has been independently assessed and meets the performance-based requirements outlined in TCA’s Telematics Device Functional and Technical Specification, the company said.

Geotab’s GO9-LTM device has been certified by TCA (Image: Geotab).

Geotab plans to be a certified Application Service Provider under the National Telematics Framework during 2024.  Subject to approval of the certification, Geotab’s GO9-LTM telematics device may be used for the Telematics Monitoring Application and the Road Infrastructure Management initiatives offered through the National Telematics Framework, the company said.

Contact:  Hanna Corrente, Geotab, pr@geotab.com, www.geotab.com/au.

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