GMV Grabs $218 Million Galileo Ground Segment Contract

The European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded GMV a $218 million contract (200 million euros) to develop the Galileo Second Generation (G2G) ground segment.  The G2G will introduce new services, improve accuracy, and increase system security, the company said.

GMV, which has a contract for the Galileo First Generation (G1G) ground segment, has ESA contracts totaling more than $545.8 million (500 million euros).  As part of the new contract, about $170 million will be for “core G2G activities” over a 42-month period—until the end of 2026.

GMV and Galileo employees at G2G kickoff event in Madrid (Photo: GMV).

As part of the contract, GMV will develop the ground segment for the in-orbit validation of G2G.  The new generation ground system will increase the accuracy and robustness of the system, strengthen security and reduce maintenance costs, the company said.

The ground segment will be responsible for controlling the two new second-generation satellite platforms, which are currently in the design and production phase, the company said.  A total of 12 satellites are expected to be launched over the next three years—while the new ground control system becomes operational in 2025.


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